Breastfeeding a 4 month old

I fed her sister for 8 months and have blocked this stage from my memory because ITS HORRIBLE! We’d had it really easy this time around. First feed was a dream after an easy labour and birth (unlike her sister which was like the opening scene of the remake of ‘Carrie’)The last month or so she got a lovely ‘routine’ of feeding around every 3 hours which worked a treat – she must have sensed that I was a little too rested, little too smug, handling things far too easily so she thought to herself – FUCK YOU MUMMY-FUCK YOU! 
The last two days she’s fed around the clock, multiple times per day and only allowed herself cat naps to teach me a lesson. 

I’ve still got ‘the wonder weeks’ downloaded from having my first and thought the dreaded fourth leap was over (she’s 18 weeks/4 months old) but nooooooooo – she likes to keep me on my toes.

This morning I feel like I’m being tortured. She’s phychologically trying to destroy me. Every time I put her down she cries. When I pick her up her mouth is trying to physically jump off her face to get at my boobs. My nips are in tatters and my eyes are harrowing pits of despair.

The comments about giving her solids have started which is shit as it makes me doubt myself even though I know I’m an awesome mum (call me a twat if you like but I am an awesome mum ??) We’re waiting till around 6 months for blw the same as we did with her sister as it works really well for us with us being lazy bastards.

But the comments – passive agressive of course – are beyond irritating. If I was going to give her food early idve probably done it after the first rough day so ??????

To top it off, her sister (2.5) has turned into an arsehole temporarily I’m sure, she’s only little herself but drama drama on no sleep is rough!

This is one of those times where I have to repeat and fade ‘the days are long but they years are short’ – massive chiche but totally true, she’ll be running away, back chatting me in no time. 

It’s ok though, if wonder weeks is anything to go by she’ll be doing a cartwheel any day now…..

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