Mummy would love a bath…

So my littlest sleep thief is also a bath wrecker. I ran a lovely hot bath – with bubbles and a Guinness on the side an hour and a half ago – the second I turned off the hot tap she woke up wanting to smile, coo and gurn at me. It was lovely, her little smile reaches her eyes every time and she’s so beautiful, but I’m tired from my 2 hours sleep last night and my anger nerves were jangling.

I really fucking wanted that bath. I needed it.

My bath is not this nice - I live in the real world.
My bath is not this nice – I live in the real world.

She just passed out and is snoring soundly on my shoulder – finally gave in as she could fight it no longer.

I’m going to pull the plug and go to bed defeated.
Tomorrow I’ll have a shower while being shouted at by the toddler. It’s just not the same :/

Have kids they said / it’ll be fun they said ???

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