Catch 22

After a lovely, refreshing four hours of broken sleep, Robyn has decided it’s play time again, which is great.

We’ve been downstairs for an hour while Dan and Nina sleep upstairs which is also great.

I’ve had a cup of coffee and am considering another as HARDtalk is just starting. There’s some guy on there that’s released an album akin to the crap music Ross from friends would produce on his keyboard.

He calls it ‘spacious environmental music’ – the sort of music that you can ‘zone out to’ – the guy that’s made it doesn’t want people to ‘consciously listen’ to it – have we became so busy that we need this? Utter tripe – a collection of sounds that numb your brain enough for you to slide out of focus for a bit? Apparently he’s a ‘Sound landscaper’ – I think I’ll call myself an ‘elective nay sayer’ to that ??

If I did go back to bed I’d just end up laying there listening to the birds outside who woke up half an hour ago and are chirp, chirping away – noisy bastards are far too chipper.

If I did go back to bed, just as I dropped off into a lovely, much needed sleep, Nina would be getting up for the day. She doesn’t take her time in waking up either. She bolts up like Chucky at 6am every day and sprints across the landing to let us know that sleep time is over yelling ‘CUP OF TEA NOW PLEASE MUMMYYYYYYY’

If I did go back to bed I’m betting that Robyn (who fell asleep around 15 minutes ago) would wake up again because I had the pure cheek to move. 

It’s going to be a long day ??

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