Do you ever have a moment, a day, a week where you think everyone is out to get you and your life is unmanageable? That’s me right now and I can’t see a way out.

Dans managed to get a temp job which takes a lot of pressure off. He started this morning and has had about 2 hours sleep to go on. 

Last night the girls were tag teaming us. If one was asleep the other one was awake. I’ve had no more than 3-4 hours sleep (broken) for about 8 months. It’s easier when it’s Bobbi  keeping us up as I can just throw a boob at her and BOOM! Job done. Nina is a whole nother thing.

She’s going through a leap or something and it’s exhausting. She’s hyper emotional, which making me hyper emotional. 

She wants to cuddle me, she wants to cuddle daddy, she wants a baby (doll), she wants to take a drive, have a wee wee – and repeat and fade. It’s fucking torture. A never ending list of stuff she’d rather have/do than sleep. While she’s with me, Bobbi cries as the boobs have left the room (unacceptable behaviour)  and she worries she’ll starve to death, so Dan takes over as Nina’s been shouting for him anyway, I leave and hear ‘WANT TO CUDDLE MUMMYYYYYYYY’ – you’ve been there right? ?

Nina finally passed out at 10pm and decided to get up at 3:30 ?? we marched her back through and put her in her bed. I turned into someone I don’t even know. (Sorry neighbours) so Dan had to get up and take over. He ended up sleeping in her single bed with her for a bit while I lay feeding Bobbi    thinking ‘what have I done with my life?’ 

We gave up and ‘started the day’ at 6am. It wasn’t too bad but I could tell Nina was tired. Dan went out to work the first day of his temp role and I’m sure he was skipping to his car with a smile on his face as he could drive there in silence.

I got myself ready (threw on blusher and eyebrows in 30 seconds and did a pram face mum bun) while Nina shouted at me and Bobbi told me what a shit I was for leaving the room. 

I loaded them both in the car and drove to the nursery. 

After a quick hand over I waved goodbye to Nina. 

I’m not even joking when I say that if I could have painted my face blue and shouted FREEDOM!! Whilst running away from that nursery as fast as I could, I would have. I love that kid so much, but 2 year olds can be total arseholes ?

I literally have no idea how long term stay at home mums do it. Hats off to you. 

I know I’ll be pleased to see her litte face later but am looking forward to some peaceful adult company today. 

Coffee is my friend. 

Good luck to all fellow parents of twoligans tonight. Stay strong. YOU CAN DO IT! 

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