The dawning of a new age…

I’m genuinely gobsmacked that as a country we have voted out of the EU. It’s not the news I thought we’d be waking up to this morning. I thought it’d be close but would swing the other way.

It’s a difficult position to be in, not just because of the uncertainty and unrest, but because there are over 16,000,000 people in the UK who wanted to stay.

That’s a lot of people.

It’s impossible to be smug about a victory at the cost of so many peoples happiness.

I see this as a new beginning.

The start of an exciting (all be it) scary new road that we need to travel.

It will be tough in the short term but things will get better.

No matter how you voted, we need to move forward amicably and respect that democracy has spoken.

This referendum has divided families and friends in opinion.

Let’s join hands, face this together and make it work X 

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