The die is cast…

The biggest vote of our lives is being counted as I type. I’m just up feeding Bobbi and couldn’t help but check out the progress. We’re currently just leaning towards leaving (the EU)

This feels like the dawn of something special. Hopefully in a good way.

But it’s impossible to tell as we’ve been so badly overloaded with information during the course of this year. Some true, some bollocks. 

It’s been almost impossible to see through the haze of it all. It’s got nasty at times.

We have embarrassed ourselves on the world stage and I’m hoping we can recover from that.

I’m just sat here wondering if I’m going to wake up in the Stone Age or not.

Will my house be a cave and my car be a Wooley mammoth? Will I as a working (soon) woman have any rights at all? Or will I just be hit with a big stick wherever I go?

Is this going to be like y2k and all a load of fuss about nothing? Why am I even bothering to write this? The internet is going to explode into a million pieces anyway?

What are our girls going to grow up with?

Democracy I hope.

Peace I hope!

We’ll know in the morning. The votes are being counted and we will know in the morning. Shit! 

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