I got to sleep in my actual bed with pillows and everything for the first time in 3 nights. 4.5 hours uninterrupted sleep for the first time in WEEKS – wahoooo! 

I woke up covered in Bobbi’s bogeys as she had a cold so that’s not so good. 

Nina came through demanding tea and chocolate cereal (healthy) as usual. 

For the first time in an age I was able to get out of bed without having to rock to gain momentum before sitting up. 

Everything hurt a little less – hopefully I’m a bit less knackered than I was yesterday. Not quite ready for the scrap heap yet! 

Went downstairs to realise that we’ve ran out of calpol – fuck – so had to go to tesco.

During our 10 minute shopping trip Nina had the following bitch fits…

She wanted to push Bobbi in the trolley but is not quit tall enough so I got shouted at for trying to help.

I managed to negotiote her into sitting in the trolley seat, but Bobbi was pulling her hair – this displeased her greatly and there was nothing I could do other than suggest a skinhead and a pair of mittens.

She wanted to buy a baby (dolly) – she wasn’t pleased that I’m a twat mum and wouldn’t buy her one (she has about 20 of the fucking things that I’m forever tripping over)

We FINALY got home, administered the calpol and I tried to feed Bobbi. Poor girl was having none of it as she can’t breath so she passed out of her own accord.

Usually I’d be chuffed about that but I’ve got a fucking cauliflower on the front of me now as its been ages since her last decent feed.

Me and Nina had a tea party in her play house that involved a degree of contortionism from me – and there are spiders in there #mrskinnylegs. 

And finally I’ve decided to share a picture of Nina, watching me on the toilet as she can’t possibly have me leave the room without her – at all -not even for a minute. 

We’re going to sit and chill out in front of a film now as so far today has been a bit of a fail. 

I have coffee ??

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