Bobbi’s cold has gone full blown, but she’s reached the sleeping stage, which is ace as she slept for 6 hours straight last night.

Sadly, Nina got up at 05:30 as usual.

I did not get to sleep for 6 hours straight ?

Once we were all up and dressed I left the girls watching cartoons while I did the breakfast dishes – I have done this many times and all has been well.

Not today.

I had stupidly left Bobbi’s calpol syringe on the table in the living room.

‘Dr Beans’ (Nina) had decided to ‘help’ by giving Bobbi medicine – this involved her inserting the device into her sisters mouth and injecting a full thing of air ? 

I heard Bobbi cry and ran in, she was sick, I felt so guilty as I cuddled and consoled her (while she vomited on me) and Nina sat humming away to herself like a pro thinking she’d done a great job.

It was my fault for leaving the fucking thing laying around but I may have failed to keep my cool as I told Nina off for torturing her sister. 

Around half an hour later I popped Bobbi in her car seat (ready to attach to the pram) – I ran upstairs to grab her a cardigan.

Literally ran upstairs then back down.

I was gone less than 1 minute.

When I walked back in, Nina had lifted the car seat so that it was teetering, Bobbi was vertical – balancing on nothing! 


I ran forwards to try to stop her but was just too late, she face planted the floor.

Poor girl was distraught naturally! She was ok but thoroughly pissed off. 

After checking she wasn’t hurt (luckily) I thankfully managed to calm her down quickly with the power of the boob.

(What boob? The boob with the power, what power? power of voodoo, Who do? you do, Do what? remind me of the boob)

I think it’s pretty safe to say that

1. I failed at parenting this morning.

2. Nina is a demon not to be trusted. 

3. I am an idiot.

Poor Bobbi had a rough morning ?

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