It was raining this morning so We went to soft play (the bottom of hell) to let Nina burn some energy. 
I’d planned to have some cheeky chips but couldn’t as the fryer was knackered – gutted. Coffee and quavers didn’t quite cut it. 

Bobbi had a long nap so I ran around in the ball pit throwing balls at Nina (this was hilarious apparently – I probably looked like a total twat parent ??) and went down the slides – slowly – as my Arse slowed me down like a gargantuan anchor. 

I really do need to step away from the fridge, put down the fork and take my diet seriously but – insert shit excuses here – . 

Dan is away for the weekend again as I’m an ace wife and give him (myself) some freedom every now and then. After nearly 16 years a bit of space does us good (stops us smothering each other as we sleep) ??

The girls were both snoring by 19:15 because I was like a stealthy ninja at bed time – they didnt even know I was trying to get them to sleep (BOOM ?) 

I’ve treated myself to a lovely, hot, leisurely, QUIET bath. Washed my hair and decided to have a go at ‘plopping’ – sounds vile I know but apparently going to bed looking like professor Quirril means I’ll wake up like Carrie Bradshaw. 

I’m going to look like a complete twat and have to wash my hair again in the morning. 

Can’t wait ?

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