A touchy kind of day

This morning I gave Nina her breakfast (a bowl of cocoa pops) and she accidentally threw the whole sodding lot on the floor for me to clean up – while she laughed in my face.

I’m still not allowed out of her sight. Literally. She cries if I leave the room – even to go to the kitchen to get the drink that she asked for (how dare I comply) She felt the need to be touching me constantly ALL MORNING. If she wasn’t touching me herself, she was lightly touching my arm with a dolly – I don’t know why she does this – but the dolly thing is beyond irritating.

We went upstairs to get dressed before I lost my shit completely as I could take it no longer. I popped Bobbi on the floor in the landing so she could stretch out a bit while I threw some make up on. 

I heard her grumble and couldn’t see Nina so went to investigate to find her dragging Bobbi by the wrist into her bedroom ‘come on Bobbi – into my tent’ (Dan fashioned a fort out of a spare duvet cover for Nina to sleep in a few weeks ago and she won’t let us take it down again ??) 

We had a nice little chat about why she shouldn’t drag her sister around like a rag doll – I’m not 100% certain that it sunk in ?

I had to get out as the girls were really full on this morning so we met up with friends for lunch and a trip to the play ground.

Other than the first two places being fully booked or closed, perpetually negotiating with Nina over every mouthful and hearing ‘where’s Emilee gone’ a million times, it was a lovely outing. Always nice to catch up with good friends ??

Once we got home the constant touching resumed until bed time.

I really don’t understand how single parents do it day to day. 

Hats off and thumbs up as that’s pretty hardcore.

Dan left for Wales yesterday and will be home tomorrow – I’m counting down the minutes as its all easier with him here ??


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