First vs second

It’s so true what ‘they say’ – as I sat talking to my lovely friends this morning (all amazing mummies) I realised how different I am this time around.

Sometimes they're quite nice to each other
Sometimes they’re quite nice to each other.

First: – we bought all the things and decorated the nursery before she was born – sodding pointless – all of it, as she was in her Moses basket in our room until she was crammed in like a sausage in its skin.

Second – is six months old and still doesn’t have a decorated nursery as she mainly sleeps attached to me like a limpet ?

First – combi fed for a bit while I got to grips with breastfeeding – the amount of information and pressure around feeding your kid is ridiculous. It’s the most natural thing in the world but it certainly didn’t come naturally to me.

Second – gets a boob thrown at her when she squawks.

First – I spent ten quid on a tube of Lansinoh to find out later that you can get the stuff on prescription for free ? I was pissed off that it’s not the miracle wonder elixir I was hoping for (local anaesthetic would have been great)

Second – my brain was total mush so I still bought some but picked up paracetamol and ibuprofen at the same time (And something for the farmers ?)

First – we wondered why she cried – a lot – and went through the list to discover and solve the problem.

Second – she gets a boob thrown at her when she cries. I’ve been given the loving pet name ‘whiffy tits’ as she can smell when I’ve left the room and instantly thinks she’ll starve to death.

First – I sterilised everything. Bottles in the early weeks, then when we did away with them I sterilised all the toys – daily.

Second – We don’t own a steriliser  (and I don’t fancy dousing myself with boiling water before every feed)

First – I read all the guff going about how to make your baby sleep through the night, establishing a consistent routine, owned a gro egg and a thermometer for the bath – the midwives stressed that it should be 37•

Second – The room and the bath are about right – total guess work, I treated myself to a Tassimo and downloaded an app to track my sleep quality – yep – I was bang on – my ‘sleep’ is shit ??

First – I read books and articles on baby led weaning and still whittled about everything I gave her.

Second – I give her food – she eats the food.

First – I started worrying about her taking a cup at 4.5 months as everyone was telling me I’d be going back to work soon (I went back when she was 9 months old)

Second – her sister gave her a drink from her cup at some point and she liked it – so I started giving her a cup.

I basically give all round less shits this time.

I don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, we do what we need to get through the day as a family and are loving life whilst doing it.

Moral of the story – give less fucks – be happier ??

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