It’ll be a long day ??

This morning we were up, dressed, walked to nursery to drop Nina off and home by 08:20 despite Ninas fucking constant swapping between wanting to go on the ‘skateboard’ (buggy board) and wanting to push her pram ??

First load of washing is on the line, second load is on. Ninas room is gutted and half of Bobbi’s clothes are sorted (she’s gone and grown again so I have to get rid of the small stuff ?) 

I’ve just had a yogurt and a banana for breakfast as unfortunately I can’t demolish a packet of hobnobs for breakfast and still lose weight (I’m much fatter in real life and sadly need to ‘control myself’)

I’ve already managed to ruin Bobbi’s day as she wanted her breakfast boob, but I’m a complete arsehole and gave her a banana first.

I’m knackered. Today will be fuelled by coffee ??

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