I’m a mummy that doesn’t like wine…

I see all of these people posting pictures of glasses of wine, they look lovely, but I surely can’t be the only one out there that thinks ‘how do they get the cat to sit on the bottle?

Apparently it’s really sophisticated to be able to neck a bottle of wine in a night and not be a massive slurring drunken mess (even if I could choke the stuff down, I’d be on my arse) and actually be able to function the next day without feeling like you’ve spent the night running around the house randomly head butting everything in sight. 

The last thing I want after a full on day of adulting (being tag teamed the twoligan and Klingon) is a big fuck off glass of vinegar that’s going to give me the hangover from hell. 

Fuck that shit – mummy wants a ginny ton ton – but we don’t have any gin – or ton ton.

Sucks to be me ?

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