An early wake up 

As I sit up with my girl

So early in the morning

Looking down upon her

There can be no kind of scorning

It’s not done on purpose

Not to wreck my day

She simply doesn’t realise

That it’s not time to play

I won’t complain

It goes so fast

As it did with her sister 

And when she started sleeping through

I couldn’t help but miss her

Before I had my babies

I used to sleep at night

I never smelt of vomit

Or cleaned up people’s shite

I used to go out drinking

And fit in a size ten

I used to suffer hangovers

And know I will again

Things are very different now

I’ve swapped my heels for trainers

I’ve become a different kind of

Midnight Entertainer

As I smile and gurn at her

Or pop her in a sling

if I had my time once more

I Wouldn’t change a thing

After giving in and getting up

I’ve filled her little tummy

I simply am quite thankful that

I am the sleep thief’s mummy ❤️

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