All something and no something makes Donna something something …

Having a toddler that yaps all the live long day and a baby that may as well physically glue her face to me all night is taking its toll.

I need some sleep tonight.The boss decided it was time to start the day at 2am. I’ve blanked most of it from my memory as it’s the forth day on the bounce and I’ve reached the ‘undead’ phase. 

This is beyond shit as it’s been so hot today I haven’t been able to down a bucket of coffee at regular intervals as usual, so have basically done it cold turkey. I did consider licking some granuals earlier but resisted the urge as it would have been fucking bogging. 

Nina trotted downstairs at some point (I don’t know when – maybe about 06:30?) so I turned the ‘toons on for her, tilted my head slightly to the left and let my eyes slide out of focus – I think I passed out instantly. Nina took pity and let me sleep briefly before demanding to play paw patrol. 

Dan still hadn’t surfaced at 8am so had obviously fallen into some sort of coma himself. I may or may not have felt a bit hard done by at this, along with the fact that he’s slept in our bed all week with pillows and everything while I’ve been dozing on the armchair (not his fault – unfortunately he can’t breastfeed) so I only felt slightly guilty for making a meringue #electricmixer

Dan appeared so we started getting ready to go out for the day. Everything other than laying down and being still like broccoli made a harrowing look if dispair cross his face. 

We finally all went swimming in the sunshine, Nina had a run around a playground and we went out for dinner before making the drive home, during which I may or may not have spent some time catching flies. 

Dan and I have shown some epic displays of complete arseholery to each other today as we’re both shattered. 

Bobbi fell asleep on me and Nina was in limpet mode for ages tonight, I thought I was going to turn to dust.

Dans an arsehole.

I’m a twat.  

Bobbi’s a nocturnal torture captain.

Ninas the sleep resister general.

Dans declared a ‘marmergency’ (we’ve ran out of marmite and he’s had to settle for jam sammidges tomorrow) 

I’ve eaten a shit load of pavlova.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better ??

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