I’m melting…

I woke up in my own bed this morning. It was magical. Nina slept all night in her own bed (tent) – wonderful. Bobbi slept in her own bed until 02:30 then came in for a quick feed before passing out again – fan-fucking-tastic ??

If my morning had had a sound track it’d have started with a hallelujah chorus.

I slept – nearly all night – IN A BED – with pillows – and my beloved duvet (that I couldn’t use as it was like sleeping in a sauna at the bottom of hell).

Bobbi and I were meeting our friends for a picnic so after breakfast we tried to get ready – Nina danced around my feet the whole time – ‘mummy what are you doing’ – ‘mummy what’s that’ – ‘mummy, I need a poo’ – ‘mummy, come and wipe my bum’ – ‘mummy, mummy, (fucking) ‘mummy’ (and repeat and fade).

*I cast my mind back to her being a baby and how I longed for her to say mummy – and I laugh and laugh *
We finally left the house, I dropped Nina off with her Nanny for a few hours and went to pick up our friends. 

They weren’t quite ready as my friends baby had been having a bitch fitty kind of morning but we were on the road in no time.

Bobbi started crying, we passed her a toy but she wasn’t interested. I was ruining her day. I’m a twat like that.

It all went quiet for a minute so we decided to get a coffee. We’d just ordered as Bobbi started really losing her shit. 

My friend was going to pay so put her card on the centre consol of my car.


We couldn’t get it out ? I paid for the coffees – they’d only made and charged us for one so I paid for the other and we waited for it while Bobbi sang the really loud baby version of ‘mummy, get your boobs out’- she was about to die of starvation. 

We finally arrived at our destination – nearly an hour late and I gave her an emergency tit-stop before going to set up and meeting up with the others.

The rest of the day was lovely, we ate some food, chatted and hunted some Pokemon ?

1. My friend got her card back.

2. Nina is fine, I made bought her some bangles. She’s a happy jingle jangler.

3. Bobbi didn’t starve to death.

4. My sweat is sweating.

5. It’s a pizza and beer kind of day ??

The picture is my couch, I’d just sat down after tidying up to find Ninas sticker collage – I’ve named it ‘don’t sit down yet mummy, clear this shit up’.

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