Dear impromptu visitors…

While I understand that you just wanted to see us (the children) I ask once again (for the umpteenth time) that you call or text first.

I’m not trying to be awkward or rude. I don’t mind you coming round to visit us (the children) but having small, messy humans (Tasmanian devils) living here means that we are not always ready to accept visitors.

You would probably say ‘messy house=happy children’ and while I agree to a point, that’s not my only issue. 

When you randomly ‘popped round’ midmorning today I had literally just woken up from the hours worth of sleep I had been allowed by the children, while your son was fixing his car (again – it’s held together with string and prechewed gum)

None of us were dressed. I had a bit of a hangover, was extreamly tired as I had been up all night with both of them at varying stages and had had no breakfast let alone managed to sling down a cup of coffee (liquid smile)

This, for you, is a recipie for disaster.

You will, no doubt, be annoyed that I sat with a blank, far away look on my face and said very little.

You will, no doubt, have noticed that in my rushed, tired state, I was not beaming down smiles and dishing out rainbows. 

I was annoyed, not that you chose today to visit, but that you didn’t consider us, the adults of the house, as well as the children who are waiting for us to get ready so we could go to the park.

I happen to find this level of ignorance very, very annoying and while I know you mean well, I’d really appreciate a little common curtesy next time. Who knows, I might even bake you a cake ??

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