Why have you put potato in your ear child? 

After my Wonderwoman grass cutting triumph yesterday I did not get the nap I had planned. Instead Bobbi insisted on being held so she could randomly slap me and wriggle as if she wanted to be put down – but every time I tried she cried like the floor was made of molten lava. It’s ok though, it means she loves me right? ?

Nina passed out before the end of In the Night Garden after having a bitch fit as it was ‘super windy’ outside (the tree in the front garden was moving). I’ve hunted for books on how the wind can’t hurt you but couldn’t find anything so used my limited mental resources making up a weak tale for her – it did the job but I need serious help moving forward.  
Just as I managed to get Bobbi to sleep I noticed I’d missed some of the mashed potato she’d stuffed in her ear during dinner. I decided to leave it as my brain couldn’t have handled it if she’d’ve woken up.

I treated myself to a (purely medicinal) beer. 

My eyes were half way down my face so I really needed a decent sleep. I  could’ve woken Bobbi up and fed her before bed, but decided to run the gauntlet and leave her.  

She slept well but decided to learn how to blow raspberries at 04:30 so I conceded defeat and get up for the day – now I’m trying to resist the urge to have ‘first breakfast’ ???

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