Birthdays with children can be interesting. We used to chill out and have a ‘lay in’, amble on out somewhere for breakfast etc.

Not this morning. This morning Nina started shouting at us at about 5am. When I looked at her I couldn’t help but notice her pillow and blanket combo neatly laid out beside our bed – where I think she camped for the night. 

She woke Bobbi up who then started kicking the shit out of me (morning excersizes?) 

We went downstairs to get Dans presents/cards and amazing skillfully made cake – by me (just in case you thought it was professionally done – an easy mistake to make ??), then she helped him open them before going downstairs to watch Bubble Guppies. 

Bobbi was happily playing. Distracted by toys.

Dan and I took a chance and jumped in the shower. 

Ninas radar went off – something needed interrupting. She came up stairs (we were half listening for her – as you do).

We tried asking her where upsy daisy was, telling her to go and watch her stories, Dan offered ‘Mummy’s having a shower and Daddy’s in the queue’ as an explanation for our situation. Nothing worked – so we gave up. 

As I was getting ready I could hear their conversation. She asked to watch ‘In the Night Garden’, Dan explained that during the day it would just be ‘in the garden’.

I heard a thump followed by her crying, then Dan explaining that ‘no one wins with a Headbutt’ and perhaps you’d feel better if you stayed in bed past 5am, you just keep waking up too early by accident.’

Once we were ready for the day she started crying because she wanted to watch bubble guppies (which had been on downstairs for an hour) followed by something that may or may not have been about a cut potato? (I could see the anger sharks had started swimming around Dan ?)

 We managed to get Nina dressed (in her scabby Anna dress [its pretty much a rag now]) – she was determined to wear it anyway, but not before she somehow managed to turn her nighty into a straight jacket – this displeased her greatly.

We aborted our mission to go out for breakfast, opting instead for the Golden Arches.

I think Dan was looking forward to going to work for a break.

Happy birthday Dan. We love you. Please don’t leave us ?❤️❤️❤️

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