A pretty standard Saturday…

Today started off so well, Dan took the girls downstairs and let me have a wonderful lay in. For a few hours. 

It was magical.

Sunshine. Lollipops. Rainbows. Dawn chorus. Lovely.

Then Nina started. This morning she has decided that she no longer wishes to have a sibling and has decided to just kill Bobbi off. She has repeatedly put things over her face – pillows and duvets – that kind of thing. 

The magic of this morning ramped up exponentially when I attempted to brush her hair. I’m just that kind of an arsehole.

A full scale bitch fit erupted ending with me physically grappling with the child and sitting on her back like some kind of deranged wrestler. (I’m not proud of my behaviour) 

She did not let up until Dan took over, by this stage I was ready to self harm so he stepped in. 

Negotiations were held upstairs. I travelled down the wooden hill for some quiet time. 

Nina joined me in the living room to apologise for being a complete twat. We had a cuddle and she allowed me to brush her hair.

We’re off to the Landrover show now and hoping that she’ll pass out in the car – otherwise I’ll have to dive in the back and practice the Vulcan neck pinch.

Can we start having fun yet?


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