Today I have failed more than once ??

Too much has happened today so I’ll summarise – 

I stupidly bought Nina a new dolls pram and nearly gave myself an embolism trying to build the fucking thing in the car. 

Gave up and went to meet friends for coffee.

Ordered a cheeky breakfast only to be told ten minutes later there was no bread – or milk – and it wasn’t possible to walk 100 yards to the shop to acquire these essential items without a costume change and a lot of head scratching.

Got a refund – eventually.

Thought I was going to get chibbed by some total stranger for not letting her hold Bobbi. (Aside from the fact I had no clue who she was, it was 10:30 and she had two gargantuan glasses of wine – both for her and she was already talking like Rocky Balboa – I’m a twat apparently).

Went to meet a friend for lunch and was tricked into babysitting in Costa while she went to get a massage (totes not bothered though, she was smooth and bought me a coffee before running away ???)

We then went for a nice lunch at Prezzo where the food and company was great but the service was shite and Nina decided to piss on the floor (I was fucking mortified) 

After running away from that absolute brass neck experience we went home to tackle the dolls pram.

Dan came home just before I spontaneously combusted and took over. Nina is happy.

Worked out that Nina has talked pretty much continuously for 14 hours – that explains why I feel like my head is full of bees.

I finally understand at the ripe age of 34 why people drink in the evenings.

Chin fucking chin ??

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