A day in the life of me

This morning in my sleep deprived state I tried giving Bobbi pre loaded weetabix spoons – this was a mistake. She was covered in it and then decided that the world would end if she couldn’t fully embrace me with her ‘cement tentacles’ immediately.

After cleaning her up and helping Nina get dressed I jumped in the shower, where I enjoyed washing my hair to what I can only imagine chew baca singing ‘I’m Henry the eighth I am’ would sound like and ‘Mummy, I’ve had a lovely poo – wipe my bum now’.

We discussed how Rubbish I am for forgetting that today is dolly’s birthday and we have no cake – I think there was a hint in there somewhere. I guess we need to do some baking. Great. That’ll help the diet ??

While getting a picnic ready to go and meet our friends, I stubbed my toe – it hurt like my foot was going to fall off, but after a quick inspection I can confirm that there is no lasting damage. 

It speaks volumes that upon hearing my choice use of profanities I was asked ‘Mummy, you ok? Is it your spine?’.

We had a lovely day with our friends then came home to make dinner.

Nina stood at the door shouting ‘Daddy hurry up – it’s dinner time’ – to the street – as he hadn’t even left work yet ??

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