It’s time to be kinder to ourselves.

Today I realised something.

I realised that like so many others, I’m my own worst enemy.

I’m too slack with myself in many ways but far too hard on myself at the same time.

My inner voice hates me.

That little monologue that only we can hear. Constantly dripping in the poison.

Breeding self doubt and self loathing.

It says things like ‘You’re too fat’, ‘Your skin is Rubbish’, and ‘Your hair looks like a birds nest’.

That inner voice that makes it really hard to look in the mirror.

Nobody can pile on the pressure worse than your own inner critic.

Today I’ve made a vow to try to be kinder to myself.

To realise that I am who I am and only positivity will help to gain the will power to improve.

I have created two beautiful children in just over two years.

So why do I feel like a complete failure sometimes for not looking like a supermodel?

Sometimes it’s healthy to stop comparing ourselves to strangers on the tv and take stock of what we actually already have.

I have my gorgeous tiny humans, a partner who loves me for who I am, a close and supportive family and am lucky enough to have some amazing friends who completely understand.

This needs to stop.

And the only person that can stop it is me.

Onwards and upwards. I’m looking forward to a happier, healthier future.

Sometimes just getting through the day in one piece is reason enough for a pat on the back.

To everyone who feels the same  -You’re doing an amazing job ?

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