Babies are easier than toddlers. 

I recall when I mistakenly thought my children becoming marginally more independent was like a magical, wonderful dream.

I thought life would be so much easier when they depended on me a little less. I wasn’t prepared for ‘My want to do it’ X 1,000,000 in an hour. 

Everything takes 5 times as long ??

When they decide – after peeling their own banana – it’s a great idea to rub ‘Banana clothes’ all over your tumble drier/floor/wall) 

When you ask them to clean up their mess, knowing full well that they are perfectly capable and they look at you – their faces saying ‘I can, but I will not’. ??

When they decide to go and help themselves to a refreshing drink of ‘Council pop’ – but don’t tell you that they’ve also given dolly a puddle to jump in on the kitchen floor.

They get really cheeky really quick.

Also as they get older, their hearing hones in on certain things. If you attempt to sneakily eat a bit of chocolate from the fridge they’ll shout from the next room (having not even seen what you’ve just done) ‘Something in your mouth mummy? Let me check’. 

You can’t get away with anything. 

And you can’t get anywhere in a hurry!

Babies are definitely easier than toddlers! ? 

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