When you have a toddler a rainy day can ruin your life. 

img_5893The toddler, when trapped indoors will require an elevated level of interaction. A level that you might just be too knackered to commit to.

They will look to you for stimulus. This usually means that you have to get involved with activities such as colouring, painting and hide and seek with much more enthusiasm than usual when after months of no sleep, you just want to lay in a dark room and be still like broccoli. Your little dictator will soon let you know if you’re not toeing the line.
Team a rainy day up with maternity leave induced poverty and you rule out the sanity saviour that is soft play – the holy grail of the rainy day.

A rainy day can bring out entirely the wrong side of your miniature bipolar creation. Oceans apart from the (occasionally) sweet, caring, helpful little darling you know they are capable of being – If you don’t comply with the toddler’s requests on a rainy day they tend to morph into loud, shouty, red faced tyrants who attempt to bring back the dead with their unearthly shrieks – in simpler terms – they become arseholes.

They aim to systematically destroy your house by getting every.single.last.fucking.toy out and purposely putting them in your way while throwing juice everywhere, creating some form of abstract art on your Laura Ashley wallpaper, then telling you ‘sorry Mummy, it’s not an accident’.

You will spend half an hour trying to explain to them that if they have a lovely sleep they’ll feel much better.

Your resident dependant short person will protest until the very last second. Do not be fooled. Persevere. They will pass out and you will have peace – unless you’re like me and also have a baby who will choose that precise moment to wake up ??

You will have to wake the toddler up from their nap against their will, secretly relishing the sweet revenge for all the times they have woken you up at the crack of dawn (every.single.day) thus shattering your peace (if you’ve been lucky enough to get any), as otherwise they won’t sleep at night.

You’ll have to pull out the big guns and don boots to go puddle jumping ??


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  1. Absolutely bloody wonderful. I love this. It sounds like every day I decide to stay at home with the kids, then the avalanche of toys happen and I regret not going out. Wellies at the ready next time. Gem x #chucklemums

  2. LOL at lie in a darkened room and be still like broccoli! Baking – I always used to turn to baking on rainy days so at least I had something yum to go with the strong coffee (that was keeping me awake!) #chucklemums

  3. Ah yes, the rainy day. The idea of the occasional day snuggled up indoors watching movies and playing games sounds quite romantic, but I’m all too aware of realistically how horrendous a rainy day can be…. #chucklemums

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