Stop telling me to stop…(breastfeeding)

When I first fed my baby
As she lay there in my arms,
I promised to protect her,
To keep her safe from harm,

Then we finally cracked it
This breastfeeding malarkey,
I fell in love with the way
She was looking up at me.

The first few weeks were painful
Though we got there in the end,
A beautiful way of bonding
With my beautiful little friend,

Though now she’s getting bigger,
Not much more than 6 months old
For some reason you feel like
I am needing to be told,

To put my boobs away because
She no longer needs feeding,
I’ve started to explain myself
And feel like I am pleading,

She’s still so very little
And she really needs her mummy
So does it really matter
How I fill her little tummy?

Yes I know she’s eating solids
And she’s coasting round the room,
When she’s upset I whip them out
She latches on and BOOM!

It solves so many problems
And we’re sleeping well at night,
So who’s to say how long to feed
It’ll end when it feels right.

So please stop telling me to stop
It’s my back for rod making,
It doesn’t mean I’m being rude
But your advice, I’m Forsaking

In no time she’ll be all grown up
She’ll need me less and less,
But when I look back on this time
I’ll know that I did my best X

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  1. This is beautiful! Just had me crying into my coffee ? Thank you so much for this, I really needed it right now, I’m sick of people who mean well telling me that maybe it’s time to stop feeding my 9 month old! Xxx

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