My first day back at work.

As predicted Bobbi woke me up at 03:30. After coming downstairs I attempted to pretend to be sleep to try to trick her into sleeping. She was not fooled and spent half an hour or so kicking the shit out of me instead.

After a brief snooze, I opened my eyes to Nina holding aloft her backpack – saying let’s see what’s inside mummy – I know what’s inside as I packed the fucking thing ??

After breakfast I was on the toilet treating myself to an un spectated wee when Bobbi crawled past, towards the cat bowls…it was like challenge Anika to get to her in time – but I was too late, she had tipped all the sodding cat biscuits all over the floor ??

Today was my first day of work and I had to get ready with Bobbi clawing at my legs demanding attention. I think she could sense a change as I usually stay in my pjs till the last second and today I was getting up, showered and dressed far too quickly for her liking and I was wearing lipstick!

Once at work I used a hand drier and no one cried. I made calls to some of my lovely clients and had adult conversations. It was a great first day at work after maternity leave. My new office is ace and the welcome was lovely ??

Im told both the girls were as good as gold. They were smiling when I got home and the house smelled amazing as I’m a domestic goddess clever bastard who put the slow cooker on this morning ??

Once home Dan decided to test out the bike buggy – Nina got excited as he rode around the green with them while she shouted ‘WE’RE GOING TO DO SOME RAZZING!’ ?

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