My Tuesday ??

Today started at 3am when Bobbi decided to stay awake after her feed and throw her arms around like the robot from lost in space.

We came downstairs to seek out coffee, she started crawling around and playing and I may or may not have closed my eyes for a minute – I’ve learned that she has figured out that there are buttons on the side of the chair, so I nearly shat myself when she pressed one and jolted me awake as the motors kicked in.

These night wakings are not great for my diet. At 4am I found my self starving, my stomach was growling like a disorientated badger, but I was pinned by Bobbi so resisted the urge to eat the house – it’s weigh day and even though I had a great weekend involving a kebab, a pizza and a shit load of beer, I still would have raged my face off if I hadn’t lost anything! Im pleased to announce that four days of being good has lost me 2lbs BOOM!

I got ready for work while intermittently moving Bobbi away from the cat bowls, negotiating with Nina over her ‘space shoes’ and trying not snap at Dan as getting out of the house is like mobilising an army – the four of us all having showers in the morning before work was a terrible idea.

I had a lovely, peaceful and productive stint in the office, but came away a little early to rescue my dad as Bobbi was kicking off. After a cuppa and a catch up with him we went to meet a friend for another coffee and a catch up before going home to do some more work.

Other things that have happened today:

Dan admitted to having junk withdraws and that’s why he was being a bit of an angry wangry.

I am sleep deprived and that’s why I was being a twat.

Nina had a go at squatting naked over a hat – I was in fear that she may have taken a fancy to shitting in it – thankfully she hadn’t ??

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