5 times you’ll wish you were a ‘Pinterest worthy’ mum.

As much as we’d all love to be Pinterest perfect mums, around 98% are not. Very not.

For some of us, the moment we realise that we will NEVER be Pinterest worthy can be pretty painful and depressing.

It can happen at any of the following times…

1. Making greetings cards – Everyone knows that mummy helps to make the cards as your little cherub will invariably lose interest half way through and start barking orders at you involving some form of sugary snack or the tv. We (I) made some involving macaroni once. They were shocking.


2. Baking – Make a template and do that best you can. As long as your cake doesn’t resemble a penis or a deranged badger it’ll be fine.

3. Halloween – Do not be tempted to make the costume. Buy it from the supermarket. Buy booze while you’re there. If you’re lucky you can get away with turning the lights out and drinking it while pretending you’re out. Unless, like me, you have a toddler that will run at the door like a fog horn on speed shouting ‘I’LL GET IT MUMMY’.


4. Christmas – The cake, the dinner, the decor. It’s enough to get yourself mentally irregular over. You’ll want chestnuts roasting on an open fire but will end up with peanuts and a tea light.


5. Birthday parties – Pinterest mums will do balloon art and hire a caterer – Just arrange balloons to resemble boys parts like the comic genious you are and serve food on cocktail sticks. BOOM.


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