ABZU v1 1, Download

ABZU v1 1, Download

ABZU v1 1,


Release Date: 2 Aug, 2016 – August 3, 2016

Ghana / Tags: Exploration, third-person, 3D

Developer: Giant Squid Studios

Publisher: 505 Games

Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Steam User Rating: 94% user reviews are positive (based on 1675 reviews)

Interface Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russia, China

Audio Language: no

Ufa: built-in (Voksi-insurgency)


Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit

Processor: Dual CPUCore


cardVideo: GeForce GTX 750 / Radeon R7 260X

DirectX 11

HDD space: 5 GB

Screenshot – click to enlarge


Journey from the art director and Flowers, Abzu is a fantastic adventure underwater diving that evoke dreams.

Immerse yourself in the world’s oceans, lively and full of mystery, full of color and life. Perform acrobatics using water as a diver swimming gracefully control. Meet hundreds of unique species bentuksambungan ngiviumbe based on actual power anda lot of marine life. berinteraksidan thousands of procedurally schools of fish found you, everyone, and predators. Epic hover ocean and explore the marine environment arising from the expected information. To the middle of the sea where ancient mysteries remaining bodies. But be careful, dangers lurk in the depths. Abzu is the old story; AB, meaning water, and ZU, means know. Abzu is baharihekima.

Features Repack

According steam rip (Ogos6, 2016):GB

Voksi License Bypass / Activator is used

100% lossless MD5 perfect: all files are the same as previously after installation

NOTHING torn, NOTHING re-encoded

Smaller archive size (compressed from GB to 978 MB)

Installation takes 2-4 minutes (depending on your system)

After installing the integrity check so you can make sure that everything is installed properly

after yaUfungaji HDD space: 5 GB

Language can be changed in the context of the game

toget lesenbersama Internet activation with steam (excellent, new false) account required

For information about the Voksi cracked open the game folder

Repack and FitGirl

Problems during installation?

If you encounter an error (or Unarc xdelta s) during installation, try the following:

Make sure your Windows user name does not signify non-latin. Use a number of Latin wahusikatu

Re-hash torrent (the entrance uTorrent game, leave download / upload, thenright-click the mouse, then click Force re-check)

Matikanantivirus (INCLUDING Windows Defender), can delete files pemasanganatau cracked on-the-fly

UAC set to a minimum, if not some installers will not run because of limited rights

Make sure you have recorded at least two times more virtual, rather than actual, physical RAM

kuhakikishauna enough space on the target drive in the C: drive (or any drive system you have)

Trying to tie the game NOT C: (system)AU special drive to the C: drive (Windows systems is a difficult thing)

See body punyafolder Windows (and under) to – if this file exists, delete

dalamSafe Mode reboot and install the game

race setup and quite right, as shown in this picture:

ABZU v1 1,

Torrent vote 45 4

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