Hospital Bag Essentials

A useful, sensible list of what to pack in the all important hospital bag for the labour ward.

You're nearly ready for your special delivery
You’re nearly ready for your special delivery

If you’re anything like me you’ll be packed, unpacked and re-packed 10 times by the time you’ve hit 34 weeks. I massively over packed for hospital with my first, here’s the more sensible version from my second jaunt over at the labour ward

For you
Snacks and drinks I packed a few and didn’t want them (or have time to think about them) but I guarantee if they weren’t there I’d’ve shouted at my husband for not bringing me some.

•Spare pants for after – Think Bridget Jones – Buy big – Buy Cotton. They will be ugly but they will be comfortable.

•Sleepwear, warm socks and slippers – You may have to stay over for a day or two, make sure you’re comfortable, bear in mind that it will probably be really warm in the hospital.

•Maternity Pads AKA ‘Pant Mattresses’ – A couple of packs for after, even if you have a C section.

ToiletriesTake your favourites as you’ll be so thankful of them when you have a bath/shower after the big event.

•Birth plan Be prepared to throw this out of the window completely. My second arrived too quickly for the lovely, peaceful water birth I’d hoped for.

•Your big girl pants – It is scary, it will hurt, but you can do it. Take a big dose of courage, trust that you are perfectly capable and help will be at hand if you need it!

For your birth partner
•Snacks and paracetamol –
They might have to sit around feeling like a spare part for a long time. Make sure they have some juice at least – and paracetamol. If you’re anything like me you’ll probably give them a headache.

For baby
•Clothes –
Lovely, tiny, soft, pretty baby clothes?

Nappies Take a whole pack just in case you need to stay over. (You might decide to use cloth nappies. Stock up on pretty ones ?).

Wipes I took wipes as there was no way I was going to put up with the ‘tar and feather’ situation that is cotton balls on meconium??

•Nappy bags – So you don’t get crap everywhere ??

Lansinoh, breast pads and nursing  bras – the holy trinity of breastfeeding. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice on feeding if you’re struggling – it’s totally normal!

Milk and bottles if you’re not planning on breastfeeding – Best to be prepared. You can have a research and choose the brand you’re happy with.

Try to be minimalistic, you’re not going abroad for a fortnight. If you need supplies your partner/family will most likely be glad of the opportunity to feel useful.

Good luck and Congratulations ❤️

First published over at Accidental Hipster Mum.



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