MAGIX Video Pro X8 download free Activated

MAGIX Video Pro X8 download free Activated

MAGIX Video Pro X8

Magix Video Pro X8 (x64)

Magix Video Pro X is ideal for editing simple and powerful software for video production. This multi-award-winning editing Video Suite is aimed at meeting the special needs of professional users and ambitious, and posted better-production tool that provides a wide range.

Professional editing video

Access to the mode of editing is determined, outstanding performance and high-quality images and sound effectsmovie.

video production

Choose from a wide range of nahobetzekoZurekadry tools, such as GPU-optimized video effects, as well as to accurately measure as MultiCam editing.

audio editing

Audio mixer in real time, control of the main frame and sample-accurate broadcast quality Editoreffects, as well as a ton of offers everything you need to optimize the sound.

additional services

Such access, newblue looks like a plugin packageincluding an impressive color filters and transition effects, and all the extras like PRODAD Mercalli V2 pagpapapanatagperpektong image.

The most important features:

fizicheskiPodderzhka format (ProRes, AVC-Intra, etc.)

– Scalable 4K video editing smooth proxy editing

– Primary and secondary 3-way color correction

– Multiple editing up to nine tracks at once,

– Support for action camComprehensive

– Surround sound editingbroadcast quality

– Hardware decoding for HD and UHD (,)

– Newblue Appearance: Top quality color filter unforgettable film

In the new version:

* Fixed a problem with importing MXF files

* Fixed razryvyeksport arraroaHEVC

* In a very small adjustment of the length of the object in timeline

* Zoom slider so it can be used as usual for the position / size of the dialog

* Position / Size dialog box values ​​now update itself when the playback marker moves

*Visualposisyon / size all the way to influence adjustment (GPU CPU)

* Fixed image distortion position / size and side effects associated with harvest

* Still image distortion and effects of crop vraschenies

* Fixed a bug where the effect of the name cropkonbinatuzeta

* Fixed crash browse previously deactivated effects effects

* Fixed a bug setting video footage “Video level” to prevent

* Fixed crash when exiting the Multiple

* Audio recording is not to stop that,press the Esc key application

* Fixed a bugmaiwasan the use of the closing of the program at the end of the original program

* Fixed crash Camera / scaling dialog

* Crash fixed when the number monitorovi changes after surgery

* Black markoakproxy files appear when “Cut video” option from active aydahil

* Fixed crash when loading effect template

* Images (BMP) to resize, and keyframes fixed flexion

* Fixed anbug led to a stalemate lose track of things when pulling effects / design facilities

* Fixed a crash when using very long pathnames

* Added an invalid reference table warning oshibkepogruzka

* Fixed crash when loading unsupported reference table

* Fixed a bug where the tables in search of jobs saved / loaded

* Improved speed for conclusions on the basis of the reference table

* Updatingthe lookup tables Fixed a bug when switching the preview monitor

* Fixed several crashes during the evaluation of the impact of

* Improving the quality of moving objects at the border

* Fixedisang bug that caused animated objects (especially the title) for a short time while the flash output from the visible region

* Fixed a bug that things for a short time in the original location (previously seen only when the object is movedOutside and paligidagertzenmonitore)

* Fixed color brightness / contrast effect only when the first point of distortion or move the point of the curve

* Most Improved performance / animation effects for speed

* Fixed error when loading or saving images OpenFX plugins

* Fixed incorrect values ​​in the conversation when OpenFX impact or effect podkategoriyObschie disabled and re-enabled

* Dialogue color alpha channel key material can now be turned off

* Reset button is selected,light of the chroma key dialogue hasieta

* Problemaimahen Mercalli stabilization interlacing fixed material (DVD)

* Fill in the path to the folder will appear again from the beginning of the dialogue project

* Improved travel route animation (zoom operation, performance, add new cards) and fixed malungkotkaso

* IspravleniyaMaly interface and software localization



MAGIX Video Pro X8

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