Mummy and Daddy’s night of Freedom.

Last night we went out as Donna and Dan for the first time this year, knowing that there would be no night time parenting.  It was great!

I dropped the girls off with my Dad at 4:30, got home and realised that we had no ‘getting ready booze’. This was unacceptable, so I popped to Aldi to get supplies.


Much better.

We were confused. It was quiet. There was a bit of clock watching waiting for an acceptable time to ‘start having fun’. I took charge of the situation by pouring a couple of beers and turning on Radio 1.

It was all pops, clicks and whistles. Apparently this is what constitutes as music these days.

I got to actually style my hair stress free. It was marvelous.

Our friends picked us up (we took advantage of the ‘designated driver’ offer ) and we headed over to the Meat Shed where we were delighted to see the massive wall of magical craft beers.


The staff were confused by the Craft Beers and kept looking at the drinks menu with perplexed looks on their little faces. They did not understand. I think this is because none of them were old enough to legally drink. (There were technical problems ).


We ordered and received a mountain of food- it was great.  I didn’t have to cook it or wash a single dish. Aces.


Paying the bill was a complex conundrum that required a level of attention that we were far too pissed to offer, so our lovely friend sorted it while we took the piss from afar.


We left and trotted over the road to the Paletto Lounge for more booze…


The men were really impressed with the most random book swap I’ve ever seen.


At around 22:30 we headed home via the shop for 10 fags because we’re wild rebells – we haven’t smoked for 4 years so having a cheeky one walking down the road was great (but stupid) before jumping in the hot tub for a bit.



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