The Hangover.

This morning I woke up naturally at 8am. By naturally, of course I mean without being talked to or shouted at, without a light being shone in my eyes or being twatted with a toy. I peeled my eye lids from my dehydrated eyeballs after sleeping for 8 hours solid for the first time in almost two years. TWO.FUCKING.YEARS.

Dan was still snoring so I lay still for a bit soaking up the strange eery quietness, wondering if this was earth.

I recalled a homeless chap with a massive pizza being being a dick about us getting a taxi instead of giving him money (we didn’t get a taxi).

It was such a great night and a long over due catch up with my oldest friend and her boyfriend.

My head hurt – a lot. My mouth was dry, so I decided to drag my hung over self into the bathroom to slurp water from the tap before shaking my way back to bed.

We were woken at 10am by the postman hammering on the door. Twat. Delivering a parcel that we had foolishly ordered on line.

We were both awake so I stood in the shower shaking violently while Dan went and cooked a ridiculous breakfast…


It made me remember why I love him – and realise why we’re fat.

I managed half before I had to admit defeat and pop some paracetamol…


When I got to my Dad’s house I was given the run down- they’d had a great night and of course Bobbi had actually slept most of the night – I’m so pleased (fucking typical) – this must mean she’ll sleep well tonight right?

After dropping him off at the pub (so he could decompress I’m sure), I resisted the urge to go home and sit in a darkened room whilst rocking back and forth by taking the girls for a Babychino and a VAT of coffee with some friends we randomly bumped into. They took pity on me and my hangover.

When we got home we watched Christmas films and I enjoyed feeling like a pig had shat in my head.

Dan informed that waiting for a haircut had made is his hangover angry.

Both the girls were exhausted from a ridiculously late night of eating crap, ruling my Dad’s house like tiny little bosses and jumping on the beds so this is where we were at 18:10


I have a feeling it’s going to be an early start in the morning ?

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