The Elf on the Shelf 2016 – Day 7

This afternoon Eddie the Elf and I decorated the Christmas tree.

Eddie thought it would be a great idea to put chocolates on as well as a mix of shop bought and home made decorations.

Eddie was wrong.

Bobbi wants to eat all the chocolates and lick the SALT DOUGH decorations.  (They are not going to be super yummy).

Nina is like a crazed goon, who wants to stand between and kick the shit out of all who try to touch the (fucking) tree chocolates.

I knew I shouldn’t have listened to him, he’s an annoying little bastard with his daft ideas and a bad attitude.


The christmas tree was annoying the shit out if me within 5 minutes of the girls seeing it – I’m sure I’m not the only person suffering the absolute ARSE ACHE that is having a chocolate adorned Christmas tree ruining their lives.

In the interest of planning ahead  (because I’m quickly running out of ideas) tonight we planted ‘sugar cane seeds’ in some ‘magical Elf mud’ (sugar).


Yay. Another thing to remember.

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