The Elf on the Shelf 2016 – Day 8

This morning I awarded Eddie the Elf with an imaginary SIA card and told him to guard the tree. He is now a ‘tree bouncer‘.


If I could have been bothered I’d’ve got him a wee black cashmere coat and an earpiece, but this is a delightfully half arsed attempt at being creative so I didn’t.

I think he gives off just the right amount of a ‘GET BACK YOU BASTARD – I’LL BREAK YOUR LEGS’ kind of a vibe without appearing too threatening – who am I kidding? He made precisely zero fucking difference as Nina is ‘policing’ Bobbi while she eats all the chocolates (by policing, of course I mean Nina is keeping a look out so they don’t get caught for a share of the goods).

In other news I can confirm that thankfully our Candy Cane Seeds are growing nicely. This is amazing as I am a well renowned killer of plants.


The ‘Magical Elf Mud’ is not fairing so well though. This was yet another terrible idea. Luckily it’s the wrong time of year for ants and wasps. 

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