12 Month old baby Immunisations

Upon recieving the dreaded letter I dutifully took my precious, trusting little one year old baby to recieve her 12 month immunisations.

Much dreaded immunisation appointment.
The only post my poor, poor children recieve.

Having spent the best part of fifteen minutes looking for a sodding parking space, I was amazed to have arrived on time as there is only parking for around 30 cars – whoever is responsible for this needs a punch in the throat.

After checking in I was hugely disappointed to see that the situation saving fishtank has been removed.

Having held my eldest in front of that tank after a stabbing a few years ago when she was a baby, I was hopeful that it would be a welcome distraction once again but apparently a white wall is soothing enough.

We patiently waited outside the room, listening to cry after cry from the children before us – my baby completely obivious, until her name was called.

In we went, handing over her red book as requested

Baby's red book that by some miracle I haven't lost yet
I can’t believe I haven’t lost this yet!

before turning myself into a human straight jacket while four injections were administered.

My baby was given four injections in one sitting – FOUR!

Those ladies have the worst job in the world. It must be horrible spending hours at a time completely ruining peoples days.

I then had the pleasure of sitting in the now (thanks to the dickhead who decided to remove it) fish tankless waiting area for 10 minutes holding my completely betrayed, sobbing baby – in full view of all the other children waiting their turn.

Being all for community immunity I have obediently taken both my children to be stabbed at the appropriate times.

I can’t, however, help but wonder that surely these could be given as a drink or a patch or something? In this day and age?

The recovery was grim, including a fever, multiple bitch fits, yack on the bed (why is it always my side?) and me developing carple tunnel as my baby still weighs a tonne and is now made of velcro.

We haven’t slept for a week.


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