I lost 4lbs, Half a Kidney and The Will To Live with a Sickness Bug

I’ve heard many people talk about 24 hour sickness bugs, but until now have been lucky enough to have avoided them.

After lunch it crept up on me, rendering me useless as a parent, I was sat on the couch – still, unmoving and feeling like death was stalking me – about as useful as a soggy, limp scrap of cardboard – when Nina jumped up and recreated a scene from the exorsist in the living room – it.was.everywhere.

Dan intercepted a curious Bobbi, stopping her from turning this sickness fueled nightmare into a messy play opportunity, while I held Nina’s hair back, simultaneously removing her soggy yack clothes, before throwing her in the bath with her sister.

I’d been feeling a bit rough anyway, but while the girls were soaking, my situation ramped up to 11. Between lifting Nina in and out of the bath so she could dry heave into the bowl (while I was in fear of being actually shat on and attempting to refrain from the sickness forcing me to vomit on my child), I lay on the floor, waiting for death.

Dan finished operation clean up and came upstairs so I took the opportunity to lay down on the bed, as still as I could, in a bid to not vomit up all of my internal organs, I allowed myself to become one with the duvet.

Fast forward a bit as there was lots of yacking – 3 changes of pyjamas, an additional shower for Nina and the most unwelcome realisation that my pelvic floor is definately not what it once was – Bobbi and I were in bed snoring by 5pm, abandoning Dan and Nina downstairs.

Dr Daddy slept in Nina’s bed and with the exception of a jaunt to the living room for two hours in the middle of the night in a zombie like state, we slept fairly well in the king size – I wonder who had the better sleep?

There are four people in our house, only two of us got the sickness, so we’re hoping it’ll end there but dont know if we’ll be that lucky. It’s awful seeing your children ill – she’s only three but dealt with it like a trooper.

Positives from this experience are…

1. I was not shat on

2. I was not sick on either of my children

3. Everyone is still alive

4. I lost 4lbs – Every cloud…



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