Breakfast at The Samuel Lloyd

If you’re dieting there’s no better place for a breakfast in Corby. The Samuel Lloyd is very supportive of a reduced calory diet – While I usually enjoy eating at least one calorie for breakfast – they support a zero calorie option.

Not an actual wetherspoons plate - we didn't see any to photograph...
Not an actual Wetherspoons plate – we didn’t see any to photograph…

Positives are :

1. They offer a free refill filter coffee – absolute GENUIS – pay £1.10 to rent a cup and refill it as many times as you like. Wetherspoons I love you for this.

2. They provide free cold water. You’ll need this to keep you going and to control the burning fires of rage you’ll feel after fifty minutes of waiting for food.

3. The ‘toy corner’ is a GOD SEND. This will keep the kids amused for a while – all family pubs/cafes should adopt a similar system.

Simply arrive and order your food. Drink 10 cups of filter coffee while you watch half of the town be served before you.

Ask one of the staff if you’ve been forgotten about (hahaha these things happen)

Watch said member of staff bringing out food for ten more people without giving you a second glance.

Ask a second member of staff if you can expect to recieve your order before you waste away and die in a corner – only to be told they will deal with it personally.


Watch your saviour – the provider of sustenance avoid your gaze and do precicely NOTHING for 20 minutes while your kids get more and more pissed off.

Give up. Get a refund. Go to Greggs and make your now malnourished children’s day by buying them pizza for breakfast.

Greggs to the rescue

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