Challenge – 10kg in 10 Weeks

In another dimention – long, long ago – pre children me weighed 10 stone and was a size 8-10. Now I’m not far off 13 stone and a size 16. That feels like a massive admission but it’s blatantly obvious to anyone who has eyes.

Losing 10kg in 10 weeks won't get me looking like this but I'll feel great.
Me pre children

The truth is I am weak. Pregnant me wants to eat the world, nesting me wants to bake all the yummy things and 14 months down the line me is just plain knackered.

A baking is not a great weight loss tool
A baking is not a great weight loss tool

Recent talk of summer holidays is making me seriously rethink my life as last year I vowed to be in better shape but I haven’t changed an inch! I’m still 3 whole stone over weight! What. The. Fuck?

That’s a sizeable sack of potatoes.

A lot of weight to lose!
10kg of tatties though!

I’ve tried watching what I eat this year so far with half arsed results so have relented and finally decided to admit that it’s time to get off my arse and get moving. I really think I can lose 10kg in 10 weeks.

Dan’s doing really well having lost 19 lbs already this year by training to run 10k and seeing him changing is motivating me to compete.

The thing is I HATE running outside – even at my fittest I struggled (failed) to do it – it’s purgatory and with every step I died a little inside. So I decided to join the gym – I’m avoiding classes being more of a loner when it comes to turning bright red sweating uncontrollably and contemplating vomiting in public.

Weight loss challenge
The biggest size I could find was an ‘f’

So I went to buy ‘sports gear’ (shudder), having to opt for a bra that’s too small as my massive self is not catered for by the locality (I should be wearing a ‘g’) but hey ho, this is the closest I could get today (is this a half arsed start?)

Wish me luck. I’ll keep you updated because I’ll be fucking miserable but at least I’ll be on a beach – smaller than my current size – sipping beer in 10 weeks ?

Current weight – 12 stone 11lbs.

Gotta start somewhere. ?

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