Slimming World Lentil and Tomato Soup With Koftas

This soup is delicious, easy to make, completely free on Slimming World and best of all is made with ingredients that you’ll probably already have in your store cupboard.

Slimming World syn free soup
Syn free soup that’s easy to make


Fry light

2 Onions (finely chopped)

A tin of chopped tomatoes (or fresh ones if you can be bothered)

1 tea spoon each of Tumeric and ground Cumin

1 teaspoon of red chilli paste (I realised I’d ran out so substituted with Tobasco Sauce – it’s lovely)

4 cups of chicken stock

150g of red lentils

Juice of 1 lime

Salt and black pepper

For the Koftas:

500g lean pork mince

1 egg

3 cloves of garlic

Start by making the Koftas. Mix well together the minced pork, garlic and egg before shaping the mixture into walnut sized balls and chill in the fridge until ready to use.

To make the soup, heat frylight in a saucepan and add the onion, tomatoes, spices and chilli paste. Cook over a gentle heat until the tomatoes are soft and syrupy.

Add the stock and lentils, bring to the boil and simmer, covered for 20 minutes.

Add the Koftas, bring it back to the boil and simmer for a further 15-20 minutes until the lentils and Koftas are cooked. Stir in the lime juice and season to taste.

Syn free slimming world soup
Tastes great and syn free.

Boom. Slimming World syn free soup that tastes great.

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