Mother of Two Euthanises Ant

A mother of two was forced to euthanise an ant following a violent and unprovoked attack at the weekend.

Our sources confirm that the incident took place inside a tipi on a family camping trip near Hunstanton.

The ants were congregating around some squashed grapes and smashed up banana that had been discarded earlier – fruit that was considered ‘fair game’.

They were operating along the lines of #finderskeepers, so thought that as they were causing noone any harm, they would be safe, flocking to the fruit in their HUNDREDS.

Witness statements were taken from the victims friends and family who watched the horrifying scene unfolding.

Mother of two euthanises ant
Anthony witnessed the whole thing.

‘Antonio was minding his own business when the perpetrator (a 3 year old girl who cannot be named for legal reasons) struck. She called him her ‘ant friend’, before breaking his legs and partially crushing his spine’.

The girls’ mother felt compelled to step in – ‘I had to do the kind thing and put the poor ant out of his misery. She (the perp) was only trying to pick him up to say hello, but inadvertently dragged his ragged body across the bed area – I did what anyone else would’ve done in my situation’.

We are assured that the euthanasia was quick and painless.

The girl has been told that what she did was ‘unkind’. Words were also had about leaving half eaten fruit laying around.

Our thoughts are with the ant’s family and friends at this sad time.


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