Couch to 5k – An Introduction to Jogging

‘The Couch to 5k program is a plan developed to help absolute beginners get into jogging. The plan involves three runs per week, with a day of rest inbetween, with a different schedule for each of the twelve weeks’.

We started at the beginning of May running for 1 minute at a time, doubling the intervals every week.

Before starting this I couldn’t run a bath, let alone run between lamp posts – if I was caught up in a zombie apocalypse it’d’ve been roller blinds for me.


Dan had been jogging for around a year and seeing him losing weight, having a laugh and getting fitter made me want to give it a try.

It seems so daunting at first, but as I was jogging with people from the Jog Northants running club, (Body Magic Marvels) I soon made friends and progressed quickly through the weeks.


Week 1 – 1 minute jog / 3 minute walk

Week 2 – 2 minute jog / 3 minute walk

Week 3 – 3 minutes jog / 3 minute walk

Week 4 – 5 minute jog / 3 minute walk

Week 5 – 7 – minute jog / 3 minute walk

Week 6 – 9 minute jog / 3 minute walk

Week 7 – 10 out /10 back (20 mins jog)

Dan and I decided to take part in the the Stanwick Lakes 5k at this point – finishing in a respectable time and earning my first bit of running bling.


Week 8 – 13 minute jog / 3 minute walk

Week 9 – 15 minutes jog – 2 minutes walk

Week 10 – 17 minutes jog / 2 minutes walk

Week 11 – Hill session to make us feel pain

Week 12 – Sprint Session to build speed

At times it’s been really tough, with pulled and achey muscles, illnesses and the personal mental battles week in, week out – but I’m so proud – last night I ran my first ever 5k without stopping!

On Saturday we graduate from our group by taking part in the Corby Park Run – I never thought I’d be able to do this and never thought I’d ever say I was looking forward to jogging – but I really am!

Now I’ll start working on achieving 10k with my new jogging friends.


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