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If you are anything like us – with a young family and a dog, you will want to really make the best of your outdoor space. From barbecues to paddling pools – you won’t want to miss out on a thing.

The family garden can be a real sanity saver during the warmer (dryer) months and there are only so many times you can say ‘we really must sort the garden out’, before you realise that actually, the kids, the dog, your jobs, along with your complete lack of skills and coupled with the fact that you have absolutely zero clue where to start, mean that you are clearly in need professional help, as being ridiculously time poor means you can’t even attempt anything without bringing in the professionals.


When I discovered that Bidvine could actually recommend people on my doorstep who know what they are doing as well as comparing prices for me, it was such a relief!

The site provides information for all sorts of services – if you are lucky, perhaps you can afford a cleaner, or a fitness instructor (I would love one of either!) You could find an interior decorator, Domestic Cleaner, Handy Man, or Photographer to name just a few.

Bidvine is really easy to use, in just a few clicks you can find exactly what you need.

I started by simply filling in what service I was after and my post code.

The questions that followed were easy, yet thorough – asking about how many plants I wanted, what type, if I wanted the gardener to supply them, the size of my garden and if it was a one off job or a regular service required.

I was so impressed with how quick it was to fill in the questionnaire I would highly recommend it to any of my friends.

You can trust Bidvine to find the right professional for you.

You can find them on their website, InstagramTwitter or Facebook.

Donna x

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