The Mystery of the Lost Glasses – Solved

About a month ago I lost my beloved SpecSavers glasses.

The riddle of the lost glasses
I loved these glasses and was really peeved.

We were just out of the Savoy Cinema in Corby, where we went to see Beauty and the Beast and had to leave early as the kids were playing up (naturally) – Bobbi wanted to strut around in front of the screen like she owned the joint, whilst repeatedly shouting ‘eh’, ‘eh’, ‘eh’ and Nina wanted to ‘go for a weeeeee weeeeee’ (insert irritating whine here) every five minutes.

So there we were, walking through town on a gloriously sunny day, I decided to retire the glasses in favour of my shades.


The mystery of the lost glasses
Admittedly not the best – but the most recent picture of me in my shades.

Fast forward a few hours to wine o’clock, when I realised I was still wearing the shades so I went in search of my glasses – they were nowhere to be seen.

The search began – we hunted high and low. In all the drawers and cupboards, in the garden and the bathrooms – no sign.

I resigned myself to the fact that they were lost forever – perhaps I got distracted and dropped them? Thankfully I have a spare pair, but I really don’t like them as much.

The mistery of the lost glasses
These ones were only ever meant to be spares

Today, long after all hope was abandoned – I walked in from work to discover that the dog had ‘discovered’ them in his quest to eat all they toys.

The mistery of the lost glasses
It’s a miracle – I thought they were lost forever!

There they were – sat on the living room floor randomly! They may have been in the toy box (that I emptied and sorted about a week ago), or under the armchair.

My dilemma is this…

Should I be

A. Blaming the children for pilfering them, hiding them and lying about it when I quizzed them after noticing they were gone.

B. Blame the dog for hiding them to eat later.

C. Just be pleased that they have miraculously re-appeared from whatever parallel universe they’ve been squirreled away to for the last month – and are in one piece.


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