Lay in’s are Dangerous

This morning we enjoyed a Lay-In after waking up later than usual and (unlike yesterday) hangover free.

The house was quiet.

Too quiet.

Until we heard rattling around in the bathroom, followed by Nina grassing on Bobbi for having the shampoo and then saying ‘I’m wiping it up with a towel’.

‘It’ll be fine’, said Dan. ‘I’ve moved it out of reach’, he said.

I ignored the noise from the bathroom, enjoying my rare and precious, hangover free lay in – until Bobbi trotted through for a cuddle.

She smelled of conditioner.

She was covered in conditioner.

After being on the recieving end of a cuddle (that resulted in her sliding over the top of me like a little wriggly slug) – I too was covered in conditioner.

I got up and went to view the scene.

Lay in' s are Dangerous
It was like a skating rink.


There was a towel in the middle of it – sadly this was not the imaginative play I was hoping for.

The Towel was loaded.

It was real. Very, very real.

I quickly discovered that although Dan (true to his word) had moved the shampoo – the conditioner and shower gel had been left within sticky toddler reach.


While I cleaned up – Nina trotted through (taking full advantage of me being distracted – skating around the bathroom like Bambi – desperately trying not to fall on my face) to Bobbi’s room to ‘look for some marbles’.

Lay In's are Dangerous
Bobbi’s room was trashed.

I don’t think she found mine – they’re long gone.

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