Give your Home an Autumnal Makeover

As the cold nights draw in, it might be time to consider a quick few changes to your home décor, switching fresh, floral and summery prints for slightly warmer tones to create that perfect, cosy Autumnal environment. Whilst we don’t have an exciting Thanksgiving festival like Americans to look forward to, we can still sip on Pumpkin Spice, light cinnamon candles and don our fluffiest socks as we begin to embrace the winter months and prepare to hibernate! I don’t know about you but it feels literally like yesterday I was unpacking the garden furniture, buying BBQ utensils, sun loungers and outdoor cutlery. The sofas got new, floral cushions and all heavy throws and ‘big’ coats were bundled into the loft. But now, we are already half way through September and it seems my home décor may need a little shake up! Along with the heating! Here are a few Autumnal décor ideas you won’t be able to resist.

Faux Fur Throws

Not only are they super warm, they also give an extremely stylish twist to an old sofa. The best way to jazz up your sofa on a budget is to cover it in a chic throw – no one will notice the holes in the original material or the long lost pennies and sweet wrappers that are stuffed under the seat cushions and you’ll be able to wrap yourself up burrito style when watching X Factor.

A Pop of Colour

Winter doesn’t have to be all cold, rainy weather and doom and gloom and if you are really serious about re-vamping your home, you might want to think about adding a pop of colour to one wall to brighten things up. Think big and bold instead of fresh summery pastels. Popular Autumn colours such as burnt orange are often a little too much to decorate an entire room with, particularly if you’re painting a small space, so a glowing colour such as this would look great just on one wall and will be a great contrast to the other colours, particularly if your other walls are plain white. If you’re not sold on burnt orange but would like an equally as warm colour, why not head to B&Q and look at the paint charts – some of the paints might even have new ranges out for the change in season and there’s bound to be one that you’re a fan of!

Outside Lights

Give your Home an Autumnal Makeover

First things first, outdoor lighting does have a practical element to it – you are likely to be arriving home from your day in the dark, so having lights at the front of your house will ensure you can see where you’re going! But it also adds a little decoration as there are plenty of great options out there. For a new season look, why not opt for Victorian style lanterns? They will add a bit of character to the front of your house and will look great when lit on those cold, wintery nights!

Cushions, Cushions and more Cushions!

Give your Home an Autumnal Makeover

Like different throws, cushions can really spruce up an old and tired sofa and are also a great way of totally changing the look and feel of a room. Whilst you might have opted for colourful, floral options during the summer months (tropical prints were big this season) different patterns will turn your room into a cosy Autumnal nest, making the room feel instantly warmer (this will work on your sofa and also on your bed!). Patterns that are big this autumn include warm tartan and earthy tones of green. The gorgeous plum is also big this season. If you want something a little simpler, then frosty metallic grey teamed with nude, is a cool, crisp winter alternative to summer’s bright and vibrant colours. Tree and branch prints will also mean you are bang on trend, whether that’s on a cushion or on a canvas hung on the wall. If you want to channel your inner glam then dark coloured velvet is also set to be a hit!

Rearrange your Mantelpiece

If you have bunches of summery flowers on your mantelpiece it is time to replace them with something a little more rustic. Think wooden candle holders, deep yellow sunflowers and birch logs in the fireplace.


Nobody likes standing barefoot on a freezing cold floor which can often be the case in winter which can often be the case if you have wood/laminate or tiles. Big, thick rugs are often the solution to this, and I am a sucker for something thick and luxurious. However, another slightly more quirky way to use rugs as decoration is to layer them up! Overlapping simple rugs with more patterned ones creates a carpet effect and also makes the room seem cosy and extremely inviting with a den-like vibe to it! So if you can’t decide what new rug to go for – why not get them all?!



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