The Children’s Meditations – In My Heart – Review

In many, many ways Dan and I can relate to the Danish way of parenting – we allow our children plenty of free play, encouraging outdoor adventures as often as possible – be that running around naked in the garden, crunching leaves in the woods or practicing cartwheels with friends – we generally leave them to it and don’t helicopter parent them.

We talk to them honestly about all things (sometimes very briefly depending on the subject as they are still very small) – such as discussing cemeteries and where meat comes from for example.

One of my favourites is reframing negative situations – eg: if Nina (4) complains about going to nursery, I remind her that she’ll be seeing all of her little friends there – problem solved.

When I was offered a copy of The Children’s Meditations – In My Heart – by Gitte Winter Graugaard to review – I said yes as I liked the sound of it. Me and the girls read books every night – Bobbi won’t go to sleep without reading at the very least one – so why not.

This wonderful book focusses on turning up the love – the love between a child and their parent – taking time and enjoying some calm together, reflecting and relaxing.

The book is split in to four chapters

Children's Meditations

In My Heart

This chapter teaches your child to sense their body, mind and heart, sensing their hearts and sharing their love and nurturing heir feelings of self-love, harmony and empathy.

When reading this you’ll be doing a guided visualisation, as your child(ren) will be calmly laying down with closed eyes, your voice will really resonate.

Children's Meditations

From My Heart, I Send Love

This focusses on the time we spend apart from our children and how we can send and receive love to those we miss from a distance.

Children's Meditations

My Cloud is Full of Love

This chapter is all about letting your child know how often you think about them when you’re you’re, and that although you’re not together – you still love them.

Children's Meditations

With the Universe, I Share My Love

This chapter helps your child learn about empathy and gratefullness – giving them the ability to share love with those who don’t experience the kind of love you share as a family.

We like to read this together at bed time, digesting the day and sharing time together chatting and bonding – I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve the bedtime routine with their children as it has taken all the stress out of the process for me.

Heart meditation has no age limit – both my 18 month old and 4 year old love this book and I myself am so relaxed after reading it.

You can buy your copy here



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