Top 2017 Children’s Birthday Party Ideas

There’s so many birthday party ideas to go with, it can be a little overwhelming to decide on a winner. Don’t get too lost in Pinterest (it’s so easy to do), instead pick your theme early on and enjoy the party planning process. It doesn’t have to be too expensive, especially if you can get a little ‘homemade’ with the food, drinks and decorations.

Here’s a list of popular party themes, and some top tips on how to get started…


Pure magic! The unicorn trend has really won the hearts of children and adults alike. Think pastels, rainbows and glitter galore in your decorations as well as some carefully chosen unicorn-themed treats for the children to enjoy.

Unicorn cakes are a thing of beauty and if you’re looking to roll up your sleeves and give it a go yourself, this YouTube video from Got Cake? is sure to help you on your way. The children will be so impressed! You can also buy a rainbow layer cake from Marks and Spencer if you run out of time.

As for party games, you need to make sure you have the space you require for all the shenanigans! Move as much of the furniture as possible, including all the items that are not ‘party essentials’. Internal room dividers can help to give a sense of a larger space by turning two rooms into one.

Pin the horn on the unicorn is a fun game to play, as well as anything that requires getting messy with glitter!

Peppa Pig

The phenomenon that is Peppa Pig is showing no signs of decline. Its popularity has spanned the last decade and it’s still a firm choice for young children for their birthday parties. As you can imagine, there are many party ideas for this theme so here’s just a fraction of what is

Amazon has a full selection of party paraphernalia if you want to do as little as possible yourself
– always a good option – but there’s also some great homemade additions to the party that shouldn’t take up too much effort.

For drinks, Muddy Puddles (chocolate milk in mason jars) are easy to put together and fit the
theme perfectly. As do little individual pots of curly fries or ‘pig tails’. Another cute idea is to buy
pink plastic drinking cups and draw little black pig nostrils on the bottom!


This party theme is such a cool idea for slightly older children. With a crafty element to it, you can keep everyone entertained and busy, making their own slime to take home with them. Slime has created quite the global frenzy, with many social media stars – often youngsters – making a business out of gooey stuff. To get the children started, you will need the following ingredients:

● PVA Glue
● Foaming shaving cream
● Baking soda
● Food colouring
● Saline solution
● Bowl, spoon, measuring cup, tablespoon

Little Bins for Little Hands has a great slime recipe with a fluffy texture that will appeal with the
little ones. Remember to supervise at all times and to make sure none of the slime is ingested!


It never goes out of style. And, if you already have a pretty decent collection of Lego, it will be easy to provide the entertainment – getting them busy building things! Even Lego themselves have a full section of their website dedicated to Lego-themed birthday parties that could spark your interest.

Pinterest has some great party decoration and food ideas that really look the business, including
these simple yet effective Lego Rice Krispie treats. You can also make Lego head cake pops,
and even put a bunch of small Lego pieces into a large jar and get the party guests to guess how many are inside…
Another idea is to freeze little Lego characters into ice cubes! So cute and a great decoration for soft drinks.

Harry Potter

Fancy dress for a Harry Potter themed party will show a lot about how the children view
themselves. Will they turn up in Slytherin house colours and robes? Or maybe Gryffindor? Let’s not forget wands and either a cat, owl, rat or toad as their pet.

Next in importance is your butterbeer. It is a staple drink for a Harry Potter party and this recipe
from Delish is sure to be a winner. Get ready for some butterbeer moustaches to be made!

For the die-hard fans, a quiz is an excellent way to get the kids flexing their HP knowledge muscles. Tailor your questions dependant on age – you don’t want to make them too hard or laughably easy – and have some cool prizes on hand for the winning team.



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