5 Reasons I Don’t Want to Pierce My Daughter’s Ears

As the Mother of two girls, the topic of ear piercing has came up a few times so far. Some people like it on babies and young kids – some people don’t – here in the U.K. it’s a massive bone of contention, while in some cultures the piercing is just done as a matter of course once a baby is born.

Ear piercing

My girls have really taken a shine to my earrings over the last few days and the other day Nina told me that when she’s five (next year), she can have some herself.

In fantasy-perfect-rose tinted glasses-Donna world, I’d like Nina to be at least ten and Bobbi eight but I know this probably won’t happen.

Here’s five reasons I don’t want them to have their ears pierced any time soon…

1. It will hurt

I spend so much time trying to protect them that it seems daft to help them experience unnecessary pain – I’m far too lazy and they have plenty of time for that in the future.

2. Cleaning them will be a ball ache

The drama – can I be bothered with it? That’ll be a no.

3. I don’t need any more small, spikey, foot-stabby things to stand on

Seriously – walking around in my house barefoot is already like running the gauntlet – I do not need to make it worse. There won’t just be one pair of earrings each – there’ll be DOZENS as I won’t be able to help myself.

4. They’ll have to take them out for school

Again this will be extra effort for me – either that or I’ll forget to make them take the things out and get a telling off from the school.

5. They’re beautiful enough already

Look at these bloody gorgeous faces – they need nothing ❤

Ear piercing

Did you get your kids ears pierced? Is it as much of a nightmare as I think it’ll be?

(DISCLAIMER: I’m not interested in starting a debate – I don’t judge other parents for having their kid’s ears pierced the same as I don’t judge on how they’re- fed, where they sleep at night or whether their Prams cost £1,000,000 or not – frankly I don’t have the time or energy to care – but I don’t want my girls getting theirs done yet.)


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